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How to Become a Photographer

Are you interested in a career in photography? Perhaps you are a photography enthusiast who wants to learn more about the creative and technical aspects of this industry. If so, you could enroll in a photography program at an accredited college that has an Arts & Design program. Fashion and Portrait Photography WorkshopYou will generally be instructed by professional photographers who have worked in the industry, as well as those who are currently working as a photographer. After you have completed an associate degree in applied business photography program, you could become a certified photographer.


You will need to enroll in a photography program offered at an accredited college. The associate of applied business degree program typically takes students two years to complete. The photography program will help you learn more about lighting, photography techniques, graphic design, digital photography, color theory, artwork critique, and more. This program is necessary to take before becoming a photographer because it allows you to experiment with the photography skills that you already possess, as well as those you need in order to have a successful career as a photographer.

Coursework and Training

While enrolled in a photography degree program, you will be required to take a variety of courses that could prepare you for a successful career as a photographer. Some of the courses that you will need to take in order to become a photographer include: 

  • Digital Publishing and Layout
  • Motion Photography
  • Photo Design
  • Digital Image Manipulation
  • Computer Applications for Photographers
  • Documentary Concept
  • Photojournalism
  • and more…

The training that you receive outside of the classroom prepares you for actual positions as a photographer. You will train in a studio, as well as on-location photo shoots. The associate degree in photography program that you enroll in will also teach you the business side of photography. While enrolled in the photography program, you will work on building a portfolio that could be used later on down the line when you are applying for positions with a variety of employers. 

Job Outlook 

After you have successfully completed your associate degree program, there are a variety of career opportunities that may be available to you. Some of the job opportunities include:

  • Photojournalism
  • Portraiture
  • Nature Photography
  • Publishing
  • Wedding Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • and more…

Sign up for an associate degree in applied business photography program and begin working towards a successful career as photographer. The first step is choosing a college with a photography program that is the best choice for you!


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