Staff Byrd

Get to Know Your Favorite Office Manager, Debbie Byrd.

May 21st was my 10th anniversary as an employee of Antonelli College. I have had numerous jobs in my life. I’ve worked in banks, doctor offices, a health club, and even managed a Goodwill store. I have volunteered in a self-help group for people with MS, and worked on an ambulance as an EMT for a rescue squad. All were learning experiences, and all helped make me what I am today.

As exciting as these were, I always wanted to work in an office. In high school, I took every type of office class I could, and learned things we don’t even use today. Antonelli gave me a home, giving me a place to use all that information. It has also given me the satisfaction of knowing that in my own little way I am doing my part to send our students out into the work force, ready to tackle anything that life throws at them.

When I am not at work, I am at home taking care of my husband, and my home. I enjoy gardening, painting, and making jewelry.