Student Success stories:

Tiffany Gies
Tiffany Gies PDF
“I really liked the small class sizes at Antonelli ... I felt like I had a name and was not a number at a larger university.”

Justin Hite
Graphic Design
Justin Hite PDF
“As an independent artist, I wanted to find a school that would groom me as a designer and a professional while mirroring my style as an artist.”

Vicki Lewis
Interior Design
Vicki Lewis PDF
“I feel the instructors and staff at Antonelli were very helpful in keeping me motivated and providing me with what I needed to learn. They were always interested in what I was doing. Everybody knew me by name!”

William Northern
William Northern PDF
“I decided to come to Antonelli when I saw how the instructors and the students interacted with each other and the level of hands on work in the classroom. From the minute you walk into the door you are learning.”

Chad Schoettle
Graphic Design
Chad Schoettle PDF
“I went to Antonelli College right after high school were I was in a small class for interactive media which gave me a taste of graphic design before I went to college. During my senior year, I was contacted by Antonelli College and went to interview and receive my portfolio review. When I looked at other schools there work didn't appeal to me or have the level of professionalism that Antonelli offered.”

Rickey Turner
Medical Administrative Assistant
Rickey Turner PDF
“Antonelli College is a wonder beyond words. I was taught by instructors with a variety of medical and scientific backgrounds. Antonelli College teaches you the steps to make your career dreams possible.”

Ebony Butts
Business Administration
Ebony Butts PDF
“I chose Antonelli College because of the program, affordability and location. I am currently working for Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center. It is a coalition of faith-based organizations and individuals who work together to address concerns focusing on economic justice, women's issues, human rights, racial equality, peace and the environment.”

Tony Carter
Business-Technical Support
Tony Carter PDF
“I decided to go to Antonelli College because I had always known about their art programs. I decided to obtain two degree from Antonelli in graphic design and information technology.”



Christie Easterling
2010 Massage Therapy
Christie Easterling PDF
“My proudest moments were completing school and graduation. Now I am in a career that I love! I am happy to have met my massage instructors. If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be where I am now. Despite the hard times, they were always there to pull me through.”

Rachel Lott
2010 Paralegal Studies
Rachel Lott PDF
“I was able to balance work and school without missing out on the college experience.”

Chad Payton
2009 Technical Support and Networking
Chad Payton PDF
“My proudest moment would have to be when I walked across the stage nearly two years ago to receive my degree and being elected 'Most Professional' during my externship at Antonelli College.”

Lathoshia Evans
2009 Business Office Technology/Medical Assisting
Lathoshia Evans PDF
“I think Antonelli College did a great job of preparing me for the medical field. Thanks to Antonelli College, I have received so many compliments on my work.”

Christy Harris
2011 Medical Coding
Christy Harris PDF
“My proudest moments would have to be the day I was inducted into the Alpha Beta Kappa Honor Society and the day of my graduation with honors. I am also proud to have taken my college journey with my husband, Ron Harris. Thank you Antonelli! I enjoyed my experience with you all!”

Rico Woods
2010 Massage Therapy
Rico Woods PDF
“Because I had held off going to school for so long, my proudest moment was when I sat down in my first class.”

Jessica Skidmore
2009 Dental Assisting
Jessica Skidmore PDF
“I really love to see the results of my work in front of me. And I want to help someone have a better smile.”

Kristy Holder
2010 Medical Coding
Kristy Holder PDF
“Thanks for all the help I got from Antonelli. I will never forget it.”

Latoya Bunch
2008 Business Office Technology/Medical Assisting
Latoya Bunch PDF
“I would like to thank God first for the blessings given to me to obtain this accomplishment, my parents for pushing me to continue my education, and the great staff at Antonelli College for all the encouraging words that helped me to keep my focus and strive for excellence.”

Nikki Greer
2009 Health Information Technology/Medical Coding
Nikki Greer PDF
“Antonelli was the perfect size school for me, and I heard good things about it. Everyone here is so friendly, and they try to help you with whatever you need. I just want to thank all the staff for helping me believe that is was possible to complete what I had started. Thank you all so much!”

Amber Gilgor
2010 Graphic Design Graduate
“Antonelli was a smart choice because they really know who you are here, and they try and take care of you. You are not in a class with two hundred people. You know everyone’s name, everyone in your class, you get to know something about them. The instructors, they know your first and last name, who you are.”

Paul  Hamblin
2008 Graphic Design Graduate
“Life is infinitely better now. Going back to school at Antonelli was by far the best decision I have ever made, completely life-changing for the best. Loved it.”

Mandy Widmeyer
2010 Interior Design Graduate
“Antonelli has tons of programs that you can choose from, from photography to healthcare, graphic design, interior design – there is something for everybody. It’s a great thing. Interior design is something I have been leaning toward. It was great.

I chose to go to Antonelli for the two-year program because I was really eager to get into the work force. I knew that I was going to go part-time, so I knew it was going to take longer than the two years, so I just wanted to go the two years, get into the workforce and see how it goes from there.”

Shannon Conley
2010 Interior Design Graduate
Shannon Conley PDF
“Where I am now and where I plan on being in the future was impossible without the education I got from Antonelli. If I didn’t go back to school and if I didn’t get the education that I have now under my belt, I wouldn’t be able to pursue the dreams that I know now are possible.”

Rhiannon Rauchbach
2009 Interior Design Graduate
“I chose Antonelli because … it is very personal; it just seemed like a better place, a better fit for me. It was great. I loved going to Antonelli.

This is a great school because they did just bring the Interior Design program over to Cincinnati, and they built it up just for us and we have a lot of resources and so many different things. It is so new and refreshing, and it’s great to have a place just for us. It’s the reason why I chose Antonelli is because of all the resources we have.”

Douglas Pitts
2008 Photography Graduate
Doug Pitts PDF
“So think: two years ago I wasn’t doing much with my life. Now, I am my own boss, I own my own company, and I owe it all to Antonelli. From the day I walked into the door just to see the college everybody was willing to help, all the way through graduation. I got help when I needed it. The staff was amazing, people were friendly. Any time you needed help you could always go up to career services, administrative office and get the help you need, one-on-one. I love it.”

Chrystal Scanlon
2008 Photography Graduate
“Now that I have my education from Antonelli College I can do whatever I want. I can travel the world, take pictures, the sky is the limit. I enjoy what I do every day. I wake up and love knowing that I am my own boss. I create my own day. The knowledge that Antonelli gave me was just – you can’t replace it. I have gained more from going to school at Antonelli than I expected.”

Dynika Evans
2008 Photography Graduate
Dynika Evans PDF
“Antonelli College gave me confidence, helped me found my soul purpose and what I really wanted to do. Inspiration – they inspired me. Knowledge – I feel like knowledge is a 360 I learned from every teacher I did have. And love – love just from the first time I walked into the door, so it was like a whole other family. This place is like my sanctuary.”

Demika Medalion
2010 Business Office Applications Graduate
“Antonelli is great. It’s a comfortable atmosphere. You have teachers that have real-world experience. They are not just book-fed; they have experienced it. They have worked in the field that they are teaching in. They have knowledge. They know the do’s and don’ts, and they have already scraped their knees and can tell you, you know, don’t do this because this will happen. This will help you in your skills, and it’s just – it’s perfect. You get the personal attention that you need to make sure that you are getting the education that you are paying for. It’s definitely worth it, definitely worth it, and Antonelli I would recommend to anyone.”

Rachel Lott
2010 Legal Assisting Graduate
“I didn’t just go to college for me; I went to college for my kids. I want to set a good example for them and let them know that that’s the future that I want. I want them to be successful and I want to have things so I can provide for them and have them have a happy and stable life. So that’s why I went to Antonelli College. I knew that I had a bright future ahead of me and I knew that I needed the education. Now that I have my diploma.”

Daniel Reynolds
2010 Information Technology Graduate
“Before I had my Antonelli education, I was a scared person. I was scared of my own shadow, had no sense of responsibility, had no goals, was not goal-driven, and then the first day, I was determined to turn my life around and turn myself into someone with a purpose. I have gained so much from Antonelli College. I have gained a sense of responsibility, a sense of person and a sense of direction.”

Antwan Clark
2006 Technical and Network Support Graduate
“I definitely feel that there is an open door policy here. I have been out of school for four years now and I feel welcome for any time I come back to Antonelli for anything. The instructors are very friendly still to this point. If I want to come in and do something at this point, they are very accepting and understanding, and they have my best interest at heart, so I would say Antonelli is a very good college.”

Shawn Smich
Medical Assisting Graduate
“Well, what was appealing about Antonelli College was that it seemed like more of a small, more family-oriented than a bigger college. Antonelli College you are here and you are noticed; you are not just another number. They take time and that’s what made me want to come in here. I felt like Antonelli College had my best interest at heart from the staff to the students.”

Barry Perkins
2010 Medical Assisting Graduate
“I feel like I have a lot more to offer. I feel like I can do a lot more, especially impacting future students that are coming to the school because a lot of people don’t know what is available to them because they don’t take the steps. I think they need to take an opportunity to maybe make a call and see what is available to you. You will find yourself very satisfied with what Antonelli has to offer.”

Kerry Fels
2010 Medical Coding Graduate
“Going back to school made me feel like I was worth something. The people here are great. The instructors help you out at any point in time. So they kind of gear you in the right direction. They make you feel like you know what you are doing and there are times that you struggle, but now with my education I know that I can do what I want to do and it’s all thanks to them. All thanks to Antonelli.”

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