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We have been providing quality education to students for decades. If you are searching for colleges in Hattiesburg, MS, we have a campus in this area that offers students a variety of degree and diploma programs to choose from.

Programs Available on our Hattiesburg Campus

When you choose our college in Hattiesburg, MS, you will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of degree and diploma programs. We are currently offering our students these programs on the Hattiesburg campus:

Quality Education

The instructors at the Hattiesburg, MS college campus have real-life experience in a variety of industries, and they bring that experience into the classroom, as well as outside of the classroom. You will be in a great learning environment, where the classroom sizes are small; this is to help ensure you receive the individual attention that you deserve. You can contact a representative to learn more about the Hattiesburg campus of Antonelli College.

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Additional Services and Programs

Antonelli College realizes that once you begin the job search, it could prove to be a difficult task, which is why we have a program to help. Our professional faculty will help you learn how to search for jobs in the area. You will receive assistance with your resume, as well as tips on how to interview for jobs.

We are proud to say we have relationships and partnerships with some businesses and organizations in the Hattiesburg area, and some of those companies extend employment opportunities to our students once they have completed their degree or diploma program, and meet any certification or licensure requirements. If there are no opportunities for you with these community businesses and organizations, we could offer assistance to help you find job opportunities with other companies.

Do not look at any more colleges in Hattiesburg, MS; make Antonelli College your choice. We take your dream of earning a degree or diploma, and use our knowledge, classroom instruction, and hands-on training to try and make the dream become a reality. Antonelli College in Hattiesburg will work hard to increase your chances of completing your program and finding the career of your dreams.

Take the next step and call our college in Hattiesburg, MS. You could be one step closer to fulfilling your dream.

Directions to Antonelli College - Hattiesburg, MS

Antonelli College – Hattiesburg Campus
1500 N 31st Ave.
Hattiesburg, MS 39401

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