Antonelli College takes financial assistance one step further by offering institutional grants and scholarships opportunities for our students to receive. The Perfect Attendance Grants and the Community Service Grants encourage students to participate in the Antonelli academic community as well as serving the communities they live in. Doing so can lead to considerable reductions towards required tuition and fees.  

The scholarship and grants programs offered by the institution are as follows:


Perfect Attendance Grants

Every full time student who attends every class, with no absences during a term, will receive a $100 credit to their student account for the following term. The student must maintain a full-time status throughout the term and return the following term as a full-time student to be eligible for the award.

Every full-time student who maintains perfect attendance in every term during their program will receive a $300 credit to their student account to be applied to the tuition and fees for the last term of enrollment at the institution.

The Registrar will prepare a list of students with perfect attendance during the term and the appropriate credit will be posted to the eligible students’ accounts. There are no limitations on the number of perfect attendance awards.


Community Service Grants

The Community Service Grant recognizes students who perform a minimum of ten community service hours per term at a preapproved nonprofit or community organization. Students who complete the hours are eligible for a grant of $125 per academic term.

Approved community service organizations/activities will be announced in advance by the College. Alternatively, the student may propose that a community service organization/activity be added to the list of preapproved community service opportunities by the campus’s Scholarship and Grant Committee. Only organizations/activities approved by the Committee will be eligible for fulfillment of the Community Service Grant requirements.

Students need to complete a minimum of ten hours in order to be considered for the grant. They are also required to provide written documentation from the organization necessary to substantiate their Community Service Grant application in a manner acceptable to the Scholarship and Grant Committee.

The College establishes and periodically revises the number of awards available for each term. As of January 2013, each campus awards up to twenty-five Community Service Grants per each academic term. Grants are awarded on a first-come, first-awarded basis.

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