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Step into the growing field of marketing and social media management

Today’s companies are expanding their online presence with the power of marketing and social media.  The marketing and social media management field is providing a wide range of new career opportunities. Our marketing and social media classes can equip you with a strong background in economics, marketing, public relations, social media applications and entrepreneurial skills. 

This well-rounded program provides plenty of core classes to ensure you are proficient in public relations and marketing knowledge to qualify you for today’s business and office settings.  Curriculum also gives you an in-depth look at culture, business opportunities and growth, ethics, and the future outlook of the field.  With a marketing and social media degree, you can have a competitive workplace advantage!

As a professional with a college degree in social media, you can be prepared for a variety of positions such as social media associate, social media analyst, social media manager, social media specialist, social media director, online marketer, interactive marketer, social network administrator or brand relations specialist.  With this marketing and social media management training, you can be prepared to handle responsibilities in social media such as updating and loading blogs and managing Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. 

Opportunities in Marketing and Social Media Management

Today’s businesses are in need of qualified marketing and social media specialists who can manage and monitor trend tracking, media development, writing, editing, content consulting, marketing and public relations.  Companies and organizations will look for employees with formal marketing and social media management training to fill these positions.

Degree Earned:
Associate Degree of Applied Business in Marketing and Social Media Management

Available Campuses for Marketing and Social Media Manager Training:

School contact for Antonelli College's Marketing and Social Media Management program Apply for Admission to Social Media and Marketing Degree Program

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