Graphic Design Program at Antonelli College

Prepare for a Career in Graphic Design

Graphic Design on a Mac Computer Antonelli College’s Associate of Applied Business in Graphic Design degree can prepare you for a career in the graphic design field. There are many venues where the skills you learn in this program are in high demand. Your coursework will help you hone your artistic skills and teach you how to use sophisticated design software that is a must-know skillset in this exciting career field.

Your degree will allow you to seek a career in advertising, graphic design, package design, web design, environmental design, and in desktop publishing.

Funky GraphicThe various settings in which you could seek employment include advertising agencies, printing companies, marketing firms, and in many large corporations in their in-house design departments. The explosion of online marketing is creating new positions for web developers and electronic savvy designers.

Graphic design jobs are everywhere! Don't just take our word for it; check out the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) page, Graphic Design: A Career Guide, to see the largest and longest-running professional association's career advice and resources.

Our program features:

  • Hands-on projects in courses throughout the program
  • Incorporates the elements of environmental design
  • Real world design exercises, working with actual clients
  • Faculty that are experienced professionals with real world experience
  • Small class sizes and individual attention
  • Significant skill development in industry-specific software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign among others
  • Focus on developing artistic skills and enhancing creative thinking  

Digital design with tablet

Coursework topics include:

Digital Illustration
Digital Publishing
Web design
Communications Design
Brand and Advertising design
Corporate and Personal Identity Design
Interactive Design


An exciting career can be yours in this exciting field!

Degree Earned:
Associate of Applied Business in Graphic Design

Campuses for Graphic Design:

If you’re looking for colleges that offer a graphic design program, contact Antonelli College and discover why we should be your first choice!