IT Shadow Warriors - Jackson

The Antonelli IT Shadow Warriors is an exclusive IT club. Only a select few students, who have shown in the classroom and outside the classroom that they go that extra mile, will make the cut. These are self-motivated individuals that absorb knowledge in the IT Field. They are enthusiastic, passionate, bright students who are driven by their love of this field.  These types of students will excel far beyond the expectations of their peers. They are on their way to become “elite professionals” in whatever direction they take in the IT Field.

The levels within the club are as follows:

·         Level 1 – (Shadow Warrior)

·         Level 2 – (Digital Jedi)

·         Level 3 – (Master Shadow Warrior)

·         Level 4 – (Ghost Warrior)

·         Level 5 – (Jedi Master)

·         Level 6 – (Supreme Being)

What are the advantages of becoming an Antonelli IT Shadow Warrior?

·         The opportunity to experience real world IT problems and implementing solutions that cannot be simulated in a class room environment.

·         Working together as a team to produce results

·         Access to valuable resources and information outside of Antonelli College

·         The opportunity to expand and grow beyond the capabilities of the classroom

·         The chance to express you own ideas and techniques to further improve the benefits of the club