Student Advising

Upon admission to one of our programs, each student is assigned a faculty advisor who remains with the student until graduation. Faculty advisors assist students with registration, monitor and encourage students’ academic success, and assist with academic issues or concerns. A student having difficulty in a class is encouraged to discuss the matter first with the instructor of the class. If a problem persists, the student may then meet with his/her advisor or Department Chair, followed in turn by the Dean of Students/Dean of Academic Affairs, and if unresolved, with the Campus President.

Registration for new students is done as part of the admissions process. All subsequent registration, beginning with term two registration, is completed through the faculty advisors. Students schedule an appointment with their advisors between the fifth and eighth weeks of the current term to register for the next term.

Adding or Dropping a Course

The add-drop period is the first week of classes (Monday through Sunday) in each module. Requests to add or drop classes that are received by the institution in an approved format by 11:59PM local time on Sunday of Week 1 of the module will be processed under the add-drop period guidelines.

Students who request to withdraw or are withdrawn for non-attendance from individual courses after the add-drop period but before Monday of Week 7 of the module, will receive a grade of W (Withdrawal) for the affected course(s). However, any students whose last date of attendance (LDA) in the course falls within Week 7 or later are ineligible to receive a grade of W and instead will receive a grade otherwise earned, calculated out of the maximum possible number of points for the course. For example, a student who ceased attending in Week 7 of the course and earned 680 points out of 1,000 maximum points possible in the course will earn a grade of D (680/1,000=68.0%), and will be required to repeat the course.

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